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Handgun and Taper Head Nozzles

Nordson Compatible Hot Melt Nozzles

Your success relies on high quality tools to get the job done.  When replacing your Nordson hot melt glue nozzles, don't choose a cheap sub-par replacement that will lead to inefficient and inaccurate glue shots.  This could cause downtime and leave your team standing idle waiting for repair.  When you combine this with maintenance and repair labor costs it is easy to see why choosing quality Nordson replacement nozzles is a the first step in improving the efficiency of your production line!

What Types of Nordson Replacement Nozzles Are Available?

Although single and 90-degree nozzles are our biggest seller when it comes to Nordson®-style hot melt glue nozzles, it’s far from the only nozzle type we have in stock. Hot Melt Supply Company knows you need different kinds of Nordson®-compatible glue tips for different kinds of jobs. So whether you’re looking for a right-angle nozzle, pencil nozzles or another type of hot melt nozzle, we can help.  We make custom nozzles to accommodate all of your applications.

When Should You Replace Your Nordson® Hot Melt Nozzle?

You’ll know when your Nordson® nozzle has worn out. The glue stream may be inaccurate, larger than normal, or you may be experience frequent nozzle clogs.  Don't wait for your nozzle tips to wear down.  Hot Melt Supply Company offers Nordson® compatible hot melt nozzles at very reasonable prices, so there’s no reason to not have spare nozzles on hand in order to replace them as soon as your product requires it.


When you are searching for a better way to replace Nordson glue tips and nozzles, Hot Melt Supply Company has you covered.  As a large supplier of Replacement Nordson nozzles, it’s our goal to supply packaging businesses and other industries that rely on hot melt with aftermarket products that measure up to more expensive original equipment in every way. We’ll help you find the Nordson hot melt nozzle tips that represent the quality you need at a price that fits your budget.

The Largest Inventory of Nordson Glue Nozzles

Hot Melt Supply Company stocks and sells a massive selection of glue nozzles for Nordso hot melt adhesive dispensing systems. With literally thousands of products in our inventory, you are sure to find the aftermarket Nordson nozzle needed for your specific application. We carry all types of Nordson right angle nozzles, needle nozzles, pencil nozzles and more. Choose from the following style Nordson glue nozzles.

  • E100 & E900
  • H20, H200 and H440
  • Handgun, extended & long style
  • short & long Pencil
  • Single and multi-orifice button nozzles
  • Nozzle Bar

When you purchase an aftermarket Nordson glue nozzle from Hot Melt Supply Company, you get a hand crafted product that is compatible with your existing system. All of our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility using the finest stainless steel and brass materials on the market to insure that they last and perform just like the original.  Our replacement for Nordson glue nozzles provide accurate and efficient hot melt glue dispensing, are easy to install, safe to use and reduce the time and expense of frequent maintenance.


Best of all, Hot Melt Supply Company sells aftermarket products that are equal to your original Nordson nozzles at a fraction of the cost. Businesses typically save anywhere from 40% to 70% on our glue nozzles without sacrificing the quality necessary to maximize productivity.


Your Go-To-Source For Aftermarket Nordson Hot Melt Nozzle Tips

We operate with the goal of building long-term partnerships with our customers by providing comprehensive hot melt solutions. Our dedicated team continues to innovate and work hard to out-perform the competition. We offer:

  • Technical assistance from a live representative
  • Free no-obligation price quotes
  • Fast order processing, shipping and delivery
  • Ongoing after-purchase support

Get in touch with Hot Melt Supply Company today for more information, and place your order for aftermarket Nordson hot melt glue nozzles today!