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Hot Melt Glue Applicators

Choosing the right replacement for your Nordson hot melt glue applicator goes a long way in determining the quality and precision of industrial adhesive work. While buying original Nordson hot melt glue heads can be cost prohibitive, if you settle for cheaper, sub-par aftermarket products, you could be facing debilitating breakdowns and unsafe work conditions.


Hot Melt Supply Company is dedicated to and understands your need for quality hot melt adhesive applicators at an affordable price.  It is our mission to supply replacement for Nordson applicator glue heads that measure up to OEM products in every category. We offer the same high quality, low maintenance and long life as leading OEMs, including Nordson, ITW, Slautterback, Valco Melton and others.  We source our heaters and RTD's from the same manufacturers as our competition.  These two important high quality components insure our products stand up to the test of time as well as our competition. 


We have a large inventory of high quality hot melt adhesive applicators compatible with your system. Our hot melt glue heads mount and connect electrically the same as the OEM products. If you can’t find what you are searching for contact our free live technical support for assistance in identifying the most efficient and effective solution.

What Are Hot Melt Applicators?

Hot melt adhesive applicators connect to the hose of your hot melt glue machine.  There are two main type of adhesive applicator, automatic and manual. The purpose of the hot melt applicator is to allow precise adhesive application, either by hand or even at high speeds. Choosing the right applicator allows you to decide the number, placement and size of glue beads you wish to apply. The result is a clean, repeatable pattern of adhesive application that you can rely on. Hot Melt Supply Company offers hot glue applicators to fit virtually any situation that your business requires.

A Huge Selection of Adhesive Applicators

Our inventory of hot melt glue heads includes the widest variety of types suitable for:

  • Production environments
  • Adhesive metering systems
  • Gluing of nonwoven materials
  • Craft and industrial woodworking
  • Labeling and bookbinding
  • Case and Carton sealing
  • Product Assembly
  • Product Labeling

We make adhesive applications with features and configurations including:

  • Single module up to five or more module configurations
  • Spacing from .88" to 4.1" and up
  • Low profile, nozzle bar, standard and X-large styles
  • RTD sensor or thermostat Htr control
  • Common air or independent air ports

Our tested manufacturing process is capable of delivering a hot glue applicator that lasts and performs as well as OEM — yet at a fraction of the price. Whether you require extremely precise application with no stringing or glue heads that apply adhesive in dots or beads, you’ll find it in our inventory.

Choose Hot Melt Supply Company for the Best Value in Hot Melt Applicators

The key to a trouble free line rests on getting the OEM quality hot melt products you need at a price you can afford. Our line of aftermarket hot melt glue heads typically saves customers anywhere from 40% to 70% off the cost of OEM.


When you choose Hot Melt Supply Company, you get an experienced partner dedicated to exceptional customer care. Contact us today to order your replacement hot melt glue applicators. Our team will help your business save money and maximize productivity.